SOJO radio’s Chelsea Corrine is about a month into treatment with Dr. Lyle Back and the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Cherry Hill to smooth out her skin, get rid of wrinkles, and shrink her pores. Dr. Back’s esthetician, Kara, is improving Chelsea’s skin appearance with a series of microneedling treatments. Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes and they are scheduled over a few months, for a total of six treatments. Chelsea wrote about her procedure and experience on, and despite the name “microneedling,” she found her treatment to be quite simple and painless, with the only side effects being redness on the face with warm sensations and heightened sensitivity for the first day or so.

The microneedling procedure starts with the application of a numbing cream on your face. The microneedling itself typically takes about 20 minutes. The treatment uses a device called a “SkinPen” which utilizes 15 microscopic needles. The numbing cream blocks sensitivity to the point where patients report no pain, only a tingling sensation.

Once the procedure is complete, your skin may turn red and your face may feel a little warm. Those who are on the pale side, such as Chelsea, will experience the redness more than others. Typically, the symptoms only last a day or so. Many patients report that after the first treatment, the redness and warmth are lessened with each treatment.

So far, Chelsea has only finished two sessions. To get the full effect, she’ll need to complete six treatments, which will take a few months. With these six sessions, her skin will be smoother than before, her pore size will be smaller, and her wrinkles will have been noticeably reduced. Chelsea’s friends already notice a difference in the tone and smoothness of her skin. The treatments have done wonders for her skin to make it look healthier and more glowing.